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ZHIHUI super micro grain tungsten carbide cutting tools are durably constructed for use on hard-to-machine materials. Our quality design and precision gives an exceptionally high metal removal rate. We have a wide selection of end mill, ball nose mill, shank reamer, tapered end mill and tapered end ball nose mill. ZHIHUI maintains a large stock cutting tools for fast delivery. We offer competitive price.

Product Specifications
Tungsten carbide cutting tools
1.End mill
2.Ball nose end mill
3.Straight shank reamer, position drill, drill
4.Tapered end mill
5.End mill for Aluminum
6.Special mail order
7.Our equipment
Product Features
1) High precision
2) Durable
3) Wearproof
4) Fast delivery
5) Competitive price

Company Information / Trade Conditions

Nature of Business :Manufacture/Export/OEM/ODM
Target Export Market :Worldwide
Percentage Export : 30%
Minimum Order :US$10,000
Delivery Lead Time :30 days (7-10 days for specifications already being manufactured)
Payment Term : L/C, T/T
Major Customers: Traders/Agents/Machinery manufacturers
Address :

No.56, Zhihui St., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Telephone :886-4-2452-2535
Fax :886-4-2451-2373
Contact Person :Lu Yu Hui
Title :Manager

End mill Ball nose end mill Straight shank reamer, position drill, drill

Our equipment

Tapered end mill


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